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Seneca Nation of indians

Fish & Wildlife Dept.

3689 Center Rd

salamanca, ny 14779


Mission Statement

The Conservation Department was established in 1977 by SNI Council resolution for the creation of a department responsible for enforcement of SNI laws, ordinances and codes dealing with hunting, fishing, conservation, environmental, sand and gravel and solid waste ordinances. The department is specifically responsible for the enforcement, protection, apprehension, arresting, detaining, citing and confiscation of vehicle, equipment and personal possessions of violators and the aforementioned violations.

Services Provided

The Conservation Department provides the community with domestic and wildlife control; trapping and relocation of domestic animals and nuisance animals, along with holding annual rabies clinic for the public.  Evictions of trespassers, illegal boating activity, illegal waste disposal, fishing and hunting law violations, illegal timber harvesting along with gravel operations and any other environmental violations.

Updated 5/19/2020